Bengaluru’s first drive-thru graduation ceremony was held for the ‘Class of 2020’ by the Canadian International School (CIS) Bangalore on Saturday. 

The unique ‘Graduation on wheels’ had almost 40 students who completed their grade 12, drive-in their cars in a spectacular parade. They would halt only to be handed their diplomas by Dr. Ted Mockrish, Head of School and Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School, while staying safe inside their cars. Students donned their traditional caps and gowns, received their Diplomas and bid farewell to their teachers and the school while safely inside their cars and socially distanced.


The batch of 67 students, who are now in different parts of the globe, also had a digital Graduation ceremony a week earlier. Students, parents, teachers, and other CIS community members joined the virtual ceremony to watch and celebrate the digital event from all over the world. The school presented awards to talented students in recognition of their academic achievements and the students too shared their experiences and paid tribute to their mentors.

One of the students, Viru Gurudath said: “CIS did a great job with the online graduation and went a step further today to give the students the drive-thru graduation in person. It’s been a really long time since we were able to see each other, and even though it was from a distance, I am thankful to get a chance to say goodbye to school and my friends.”

Another student Kavya Sharma said the graduation is a memory for a lifetime. “I have to say that today’s experience was unequivocal in its uniqueness! I’ve found a memory that will last throughout my life,” Kavya said.

Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School said that the ceremony was planned so that students don’t miss out on the important milestone of their lives.


“A high school graduation is a landmark moment in a student’s life. It’s a bittersweet and emotional experience for most. We wanted to consider the sentiments of our students by giving them a memorable ceremony to mark their graduation. We certainly didn’t want them to miss out on this celebration! The drive through graduation was perfect because it gave the students the cheer and acknowledgment that they deserved, while at the same time maintaining all safety standards and precautions required in this ongoing pandemic. I am sure our students will never forget this day! We wish them love and light as they move on to the next phases of their lives,” Shweta said.


Several of the graduating students, this year have been accepted in diverse programmes that include Psychology, Business Management, Liberal Arts, Medicine, Law, Economics, Neuroscience, Engineering (Biomedical, Mechanical, Computer Science), Music, Environmental Sciences, Early Childhood Studies, Physics, Visual Arts and Natural Sciences etc. They have been accepted in global universities like Penn State University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Edinburgh, Kings College London, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, The University of Waterloo, University of Liverpool, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland among others. This year, the overall scholarships received were worth USD 3.5 million. This is an additional USD 1 million from last year.