We at the Knowledge Tribe, tickle your imagination as to how elements in the Avengers series were possibly influenced by our very own Indian superheroes. Today, we are truly proud as Indians as we celebrate the Endgame. Read on!

Thor : Indra

Indra is the almighty Lord of Thunder and Storms (now you know where the stormbreaker came rom!). Both Indra and Thor are very important characters in their respective realms. The weapons of Lord Indra—from his Vajra to his bow, sure seem to have inspired some armoury.

Captain America : Rama

Rama has been the ultimate example of focus on duty, rights and responsibilities of an individual. He has always been a leader who stands for justice; someone who never lies and goes to great lengths to do no wrong.

Dr. Strange : Sahadeva

Sahadeva had great knowledge of the past, present and the future. Known as Brihaspati, he was the intelligent one. He was the one who saw the possibilities of the future and perhaps knew the one time when they could win.

Iron Man : Karna

Senior to the others in many ways, Karna was the original self-made hero born to wear and invoke the kawacha. Meant to make the ultimate sacrifice, always, he would place himself before others. When it came to rushing to the aid of a friend in distress, Karna would outbeat many. Iron Man truly bears that value even as he stood by a young Spider-Man in his homecoming, when in need.

Spider-Man : Abhimanyu

Enthusiastic, beaming with loads of energy, always ready and keen to explore new things—Abhimanyu was known for getting stuck at places where he gets into out of sheer excitement, just to prove a point—be it the chakravyuh or elsewhere. Perhaps the Titan and more were the chakravyuhs. Yours truly from the friendly neighbourhood.

Ant Man : Hanuman

Hanuman interestingly—among the many things he could do—was able to increase his size and grow at will. What is even more interesting is that research reflects his ability to have grown to 65 feet in height (a temple in India features him at that height) and our Ant Man also grows exactly to 65 feet. It sure is a coincidence.

Hulk : Bheema

The similarity between the two is right there: the incredible strength and that both are short-tempered. A perfect instance is when Bheema slayed a hundred Kaurava brothers single-handedly; and for Thanos' army, the Avengers had Hulk!

Black Panther : Ghatotkacha

An important character from the past, the son of Bheema was known for his magical skills—his ability to fly at will and to take on anyone with no fear. He brought a tribe factor to the fore as did Black Panther. Their importance and future has never been questioned and it won’t be, in this context as well.

Infinity Gems : Krishna’s Gemstones

Lord Krishna given everything he does in his epic, did something special. He introduced the world to the importance of gemstones that control destiny—an idea that stood its ground and stood guard to Draupadi and the Pandavas. It is interesting that even the colours of the stones match with what Thanos needs, to trigger his snap(s).

Thanos : Duryodhana

Duryodhana is arguably the world’s first anti-hero. Like Thanos, he had his own view of the world and was clearly correct in his own eyes. Dig deep into history and you can find an interesting story believed to be from the student days of the Pandavas and Kauravas. Sage Dronacharya speaks of an army where half the food was for the warriors and the other half for the animals they used. While travelling in a forest, they could only get half of the required food. So, he asked his students on what they would do in such a situation. Yudhistira advocated rations for all, while Duryodhana suggested reducing the size of the army by half and sending the rest back. Indeed amazing that there was a discussion on 'finite resources' in an age gone by.

Captain Marvel : Durga

When most of your options run dry and you cry for help, Durga appears from nowhere to stand by you. From time immemorial, this warrior has been fearless and has subdued the mightiest. Her energy is unmatched and she is known for stating "I have nothing to prove to you". Durga has many-a-time been the bridge between the old and the new (past and future). Welcome, Captain Marvel.

That’s it, Knowledge Tribals! Do share your take on this with us, as we salute the Marvel experience that all of us have enjoyed and will forever enjoy.