Dinosaurs attract people of all age groups. We enjoy visiting dinosaur excavation site, reading about them or even watching movies and documentaries on dinosaurs.

Among the movies made on dinosaurs, the most popular ones and the most remembered ones are Jurassic Park and the animated movie, The Good Dinosaur.

But, there are many other dinosaur movies that have been made, which most of us probably have never heard of.

Here are 5 such movies.

#1- Dino Time



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Dino Time is a Korean animated comedy released in 2012. This movie revolves around Ernie, a young troublemaker, and his two friends, Max and Julia.

One day, Ernie sneaks into Max’s father’s lab and steals an egg-shaped time machine. The time machine come to life, takes the kids into it and transport them into an era of dinosaurs.

The kids unexpectedly get accepted by a community of dinosaurs. The plot thickens when the egg-shaped time machine gets swapped with one of the dinosaur’s eggs, leading to a roller-coaster of an adventure!

This movie is worth watching for its beautiful animation and for its excellent voice work.

This South Korean movie was dubbed into English and was released in 2015 by the name ‘Back to the Jurassic’. 

#2- Prehysteria!


                                                                    (Image source: https://bit.ly/2N9mHPr)

If you think baby dinosaurs are cute, the movie Prehysteria has five baby dinosaurs! What is cuter about this is that the baby dinosaurs are named after famous pop musicians!

Released in 1993, ‘Prehysteria!’ narrates the story of 5 little dinosaurs, Elvis, Hammer, Jagger, Paula and Madonna.

Rico, a museum curator, stumbles upon five dinosaur eggs in a South American temple and steals them.

Sometime later, Rico buys fossils from a poor farmer named Taylor. Taylor’s dog picks up the container of eggs and runs away. Taylor’s kids find the eggs and hatch them without letting their father know. Taylor and Rico find out about the dinosaurs, and Rico hires robbers to get the little reptiles back, resulting in a series of interesting events.

This movie also has two sequels - Prehysteria 2 and Prehysteria 3.

#3- The Land Before Time


                                                                      (Image source: https://bit.ly/2L7bvVZ)

The Land Before Time is a superhit animated film that released in 1988. It tells the engaging tale of Littlefoot, a young dinosaur belonging to a type called Apatosaurus. Littlefoots’s mother gets killed by another type of dinosaur called the T-Rex. And, just before his mother dies, she advises him to ‘follow the sun’, all the way to the Great Valley. How he and his dinosaur friends struggle to reach there, how they deal with the hierarchy between different dinosaur species and how they finally tackle the T-Rex that killed Littlefoot’s mother, forms the rest of the story.

The movie was well-received among various age groups over the years. The movie has 13 sequels, where the latest one was released in 2016.

#4- Dinosaur


                                                                     (Image source: https://bit.ly/2L4Mfj6)

Released in 2000, Disney’s ‘Dinosaur’ is the moving story of a young dinosaur called Aladar. His adventurous tale begins as an egg that ends up on an island of lemurs, due to a stampede. Aladar grows up calling the land his home. One day, the island is hit by a meteor shower, forcing Aladar, his lemur friends and a herd of dinosaurs, to travel in search of the ‘Nesting Grounds’.

‘Dinosaur’ comprises of animated characters as well as live-action backgrounds and beautiful 3D computer graphics.

#5- My Pet Dinosaur


My Pet Dinosaur is an Australian movie that released in 2017. The movie is an impressing one with a lot of effects and an engaging storyline.

The movie begins with a young man named Jake working on a project to find out what the military in that area is up to. One day, he accidentally spills a beverage on the project material and a dinosaur in born out of it! Jake names his fast-growing pet Magnus.

The rest of the movie revolves around Jake’s effort to escape the military and to keep Magnus safe.

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