Laws are everywhere. Laws are necessary. And, some laws are weird!

You don’t believe us? Here are 7 weird laws from around the world!

#1 - Oklahoma: No hunting whales


Whale hunting is a sport that affects the ecosystem in more ways than we think. Oklahoma has a law which prohibits whale hunting. It is one of the only places to have nearly no whale hunting incidents. And, the reason for this is quite interesting! This is not because of the stringent law banning the pastime. It is because there are no whales in Oklahoma, as it is a landlocked state!

#2 - Venice: No Feeding Pigeons


It is illegal to feed the pigeons at St. Mark’s Square in Venice. This is because this tourist place has a lot of beautiful monuments that could get damaged due to pigeons defecating on them. Moreover, pigeons and their excreta could be dangerous to people, as they are known to carry many diseases. Hence, feeding these birds is prohibited, in the hope of discouraging them from spending time at the Square.

#3 - England & Wales: No selling Salmon under suspicious circumstances


This law in England and Wales has words in it like ‘handling salmon in suspicious circumstance’. Under this law, in section 32 of the Salmon Act 1986, the basic idea is to put an end to illegal fishing and illegal selling of salmon.

According to this law, it is an offence in England and Wales for a person to accept or dispose salmon under circumstances, which the person believes involves illegal fishing!

#4 - Singapore: No Chewing Gum


Chewing gum in Singapore is a fineable offence and the product has been banned in the country since 1992. This is because gum is perceived by the locals as unhealthy and as a threat to the environment. In 2004, an exception was made to this law, making it acceptable to buy, sell and chew gum for medical purposes. Tourists visiting Singapore are allowed to bring up to two packets of chewing gum per person!

#5 - British Columbia: Illegal to kill Bigfoot


In British Columbia, a Canadian province, it is illegal to kill Bigfoot, a hairy, ape-like mythical creature. This place has a rule which prohibits hunting anything without due permission. But, the rule is more severe when it comes to hunting Bigfoot! If a person happens to spot Bigfoot and kills it, the person can be fined close to $250,000!

#6 - Greece: Wearing heels in banned


Greece has a strict ban on women wearing heels in ancient Greek sites! The authorities of the place put a ban on heels in 2009 to preserve the sites and, to prevent the wear and tear of the natural treasures.

#7 - Australia: Owning more the 50kgs of potato is banned


In western Australia, it is illegal to carry more than 50 kilograms of potatoes at a time! Breaking this law is an offence and the person can be fined up to five-thousand dollars!

This law was initially introduced in the post-war period, when there was a regulation of food. It is still followed today, with an exception for people belonging to the Potato Corporation.

Know any other weird laws that could have featured on this list? Comment below and let us know!