Class 4 NPS,

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who wanted to learn boxing although she didn’t have her right hand. Yet, she wanted to learn and do something that would make her village proud of her. With great difficulty, she found a teacher who agreed to train her. The girl began to learn. But one thing that the girl did not understand was, even after several months of training, her teacher only taught her one move. The girl finally asked her master, “Master, since I know this step already, why are you not teaching me more new steps? I am tired of learning only this.”


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“This is the only move that will help you in your life,” the teacher replied. Though she didn’t quite understand, but believing in her teacher, the girl kept practicing for several months. Later, the teacher took her to her first match, which was in the city away from her village. She easily won the first match with a gold medal. In the second match, though it was a bit difficult, she won it. She was surprised by her success. She was now in the finals. This time, her match was with a stronger girl. The girl appeared to be weak for a while. Concerned by her disability, the referee tried to call the match off. When he was about to stop the match, the girl’s master disagreed and asked referee to continue the match. With a little bit of effort, the girl won the match again.


On her way to home, the girl asked the master, “Master, how did I win the match with only one move?” The master replied, “You had two reasons; first, you have almost mastered one of the most difficult moves in boxing. And, second, to defeat you, your opponent had to grab your right arm only.” The girl understood how her master had made her disability into her strongest ability.

Moral: Do not keep having pity on yourself just because you have some disability. Work hard and you can do anything.