Learning is no more within the four walls of a class room. Entrepreneurship is the need of the hour for any economy, especially in a developing country like India. One of the initiatives of the Indian government focuses on skill development of young entrepreneurs under the scheme, ‘Skill India’. This project provides a platform for the students to ‘Earn while Learning’ along with social well-being. Overall objective of this mission is to excite the explicit passion for becoming real time employment generators rather than the common employment seekers in the society. Students are trained through various competencies which are required to prop themselves up as self-reliant social entrepreneurs progressing towards industrial excellence with judicious use of natural resources of our nation.


As a part of CBSE project, students of class XI of Sishya School, Hosur, organised ‘Entrepreneur’s Day’ in the school campus. It was a joyous learning for the students. The main objective of this activity was to make the students understand all aspects of running a business and learning about ‘being their own boss’.  The objective was also to stimulate the social responsibility into the minds of younger generation.

Students had an opportunity to work in team and to engage themselves in each aspect of running a business like conducting initial survey, purchasing, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and financial bookkeeping. As the first step, they conducted a market survey to know the liking for different food items and fashion accessories amongst the students. Next, they advertised their products by announcing them in the school assembly. They purchased all the necessary materials for their sale. They planned a responsibility matrix and executed the activity as per the plan without any chaos. The students presented their project with detailed ‘Return on Investment’ report.

The students learnt the real attributes of an entrepreneur, like confidence, honesty, the spirit of teamwork and concern towards the society.


Children originating from the poor background get themselves acquainted with the required skill set of basic technical education, art and craft and small scale business establishment along with sales techniques through this project. This has enhanced their thought process to become an independently confident personality living with economic standards.

The invaluable part of learning from this canteen day project was that the students contributed 5 percent of their earnings towards charity works, showcasing them as ‘Social Entrepreneurs’.

The students were able to appreciate and respect the team efforts put in to generate income. They felt a sense of pride when they made a good amount of profit for their hard work.