The beautiful rangoli at the entrance, the soothing classical vocals, accompanied by the violin, veena, mridanga and the graceful dance performance, were how the teachers were welcomed to Qwiz 2015! 

The Teacher's Qwiz is an annual event organised by the National Hill View Public School, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore. The 12th edition of Qwiz was depicted by a peacock. A peacock, which can see beyond the clouds and sense joy. A peacock, which can see the light beyond darkness, represents compassion, integrity, honesty and tolerance, just like a teacher.


With a unique theme every year, this year welcomed 47 teams across Bangalore including 2 teams from Davangere and 3 teams from Hosur. The theme for the 12th year was 'wellness', in a wholesome manner, in all aspects of life, physically and mentally, thus coining the phrase, 'wellness is awareness'.

What made the event unique was its chief guest, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam! He was a chief guest in absentia, whose presence was truly felt. To honour Dr. Kalam, a beautifully sketched portrait of his was unveiled by the guest of honour, Dr. Gururaj Karajagi, the principal Mrs. Rama Ranganathan and members of the management, Mr. Venkatappa and Mr. Lepaksha.

Mr. Karajagi's spoke about his personal experiences with Dr. Kalam, brought him back to life and reminded the audience present in the venue, what a great teacher and a humble human being he was.

The atmosphere in the hall became electric when the preliminary round started. All the teachers were determined to clear the first round and make it to the finals. Once the 6 final teams were chosen and seated on stage, the audience, glued to their seats were anxious to know the right answer for each and every question asked by the beloved quiz master, Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubrahmaniam.


As the teams took on each other to clinch the title, it was ultimately a battle between the two teams, Army Public School and PSBB, leading to a tense tie-breaker. Finally the team from PSBB School, consisting of Ms. Anuradha Kannan and Ms. Anupama Sremaali, emerged as the winners. The winning team rejoiced, as they received the trophy and the sketch of Dr. Kalam. "I feel awesome! It's like my dream come true. We all look forward for this event every year and this year was ours!" exclaimed the elated winner, Ms. Anuradha. 

There is always a take away for all the teachers and the guests, who attend Qwiz each year, be it the beautiful experience, the ambience, the sumptuous meal or the exquisitely made return gifts. This year, the gifts were beautifully made key holders, personally handcrafted and painted by the staff of NHVPS.

Like the school vice-captain rightly quoted in her speech, teachers are someone who say 'you can'. They are a source of encouragement, a pillar of strength and a person closest to a parent at school. Teacher's, you are the ones that help us create and build wellness in the society and wellness within. HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!