The coronavirus lockdown has certainly put us in a fix where we can’t move beyond the vicinity of the house. However this the perfect time for students to polish and pick new hobbies and interests. Here is one such example-


SketchBook Pro

  • SketchBook Pro referred to as SketchBook is a computer software application that is intended for online expressive drawing and sketching. 

  • SketchBook features an interface menu that has drawing tools such as pencils, markers, and brushes along with a variety of color options for painting.  

  • Its platform uses pressure-sensitive features for smartphones, digital drawing pads and computers to create similar effects like the use of traditional tools. 

  • SketchBook also allows the use of a screenshot tool for extra notes which allows one to show content during meetings and add notes for review.

  • The program can also create flipbooks and animations and comes with the ability to import from and export to adobe photoshop format.

  • Some of the other features that are included on SketchBookPro are rulers, brush customization, and canvas rotation.


SketchBookPro can be accessed through its website and is also available for use using a subscription model. Download the app and start sketching!

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