Food lovers not only love to satiate food cravings but also, they love to experience a restaurant’s unique setting where the ambience adds to the overall excitement and while we are on the topic, did you know there is a restaurant in Dubai made of ice? Isn’t the combination of ice and Dubai in the same sentence confusing?

The whole restaurant is made of ice, from the plates to the glasses, including the benches and tables. Similarly here is a list of 5 more weird or unique restaurants around the world.

1. O Noir



If you ever find yourself on a trip to Canada, you can find a different dining experience in Toronto, at O Noir. This restaurant is completely in the dark. When it is said dark, it means mean pitch dark. They have hired a group of visually-impaired staff who guides the visitors inside, till their tables.The fascinating thing about a dinner experience here is that, without the sense of sight, all the other senses are amplified.

2. New Lucky Restaurant



Ever wondered about sharing your cup of tea with a dead body? This restaurant in Ahmedabad gives you the opportunity to do so. 

Krishnan Kutti, the owner of the restaurant, believes that after he has opened his restaurant within the cemetery grounds, the place has flourished. The place is not paved over the graves, instead the restaurant is built around the tombstones. Every morning the gravestones are wiped and decorated with flowers by the waiters. If you want a haunting dining experience, this place is just perfect!

3. Hospitalis



This restaurant is based on a hospital theme in Riga, Latvia. The waitresses serve the food in surgical utensils and the drinks in test tubes and vials. Also, instead of spoons and forks, the restaurant provides syringes and scalpels. The waitresses in nurse suits hands a small ‘crazy menu’. Adding to the weirdness, the food they serve resembles body parts.

The entire place is decorated like an operation theatre, with a dentist's chair for sitting and gurney as the dining table. The cuisine is traditional Latvian food. 

4. Converted Coach Bus



There are aircraft themed restaurants or a car themed dining space, but this unique restaurant is a coach bus themed eatery. Many people use transportation to get to a restaurant, but at this restaurant in Shenyang, China people come to a coach bus to eat.

This bus doesn’t move, it is not the same as a food truck! The waiters walk the aisle to serve food. 

5. Modern Toilet Restaurant



This is a three-storied, toilet themed restaurant inTaipei city, Taiwan. Disclaimer: When you visit the restaurant, kindly disassociate the visuals from the taste. 

The visitors sit on a porcelain commode where the food is served in mini toilet bowls like squat toilets and bedpans.  Inspired by a Japanese cartoon character named Dr. Slump whose favourite pastime is ‘swirling poop on a stick,’ owner Dao Ming Zi aimed to shock the senses and capitalise on the attraction of novelty with Modern Toilet restaurant.